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Oct. 10th, 2011

Knitted Dishcloth

Lots of the members of The Knitters Review Forum have talked about knitted dishcloths. Finally my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to try it out. One lady very kindly gave a link to a waffle weave pattern which she said was a good one to use so I found the pattern and tried it out using some mauve cotton that I have.
It has turned out really well.
When I was finished knitting it, I hurriedly took some pictures so I could put them on my blog and then tried it out for wiping down the bench although the bench did not really need wiping down at that stage.
I can report that it is excellent. I shall definitely knit more.
I have also warned Anne that she will be required to knit some too.

Sep. 5th, 2011


To be very honest I have sort of lost interest in the garden here.
Our new house is being built and I would rather be working on it but of course it is pointless to start before the building is finished.
I wish I could be growing seedlings to plant etc. If I could grow lots of seeds of wattles and Murray Pines and stuff like that I would be happy to but I expect we would be better off to wait and buy tube stock.
Of course we will try to make sure that the garden looks nice when we move out so I will plant the Zinnias out the front and a few Petunias around the place to give it all colour.

We did get pics

I had forgotten! We did get pics of the tiny stuff we knitted for the twins. Anne just has to find them!

Aug. 8th, 2011

Gloves and hat

Anne made me some lovely soft warm gloves from Patons Zhivago so I bought a couple more balls and kn itted myself a matching hat. I will try to fit a picture here.
Then I made a couple of tiny little cardigans for Aleks's twins. I knitted them premmie size as they will probably be delivered by C section early due to complications.
Her sister, Anna, put on a baby shower. I was rather embarrassed by the fact that I did not finish the second cardy until just before the party FINISHED. Yes I had to sit in a corner and finish it. I did not get pictures. I will ask Ben if he can take a pic and email it to me.

Aug. 4th, 2011

And another one for the Bat Pup

Here is a picture of the Bat Pup's blue Inca jumper. It is a pair to the Wonder Boy's red one.
Anne knitted this jumper and I knitted the hat.
We were disappointed in that there is a colour variation that shows up across the yoke of this jumper. It is not a different dye lot as she did not start another ball of wool there. It was just a sudden change. We do not know how this has come about.
It is Patons Inca and as such is considered to be a very good wool so why they have a colour variation like that occurring we do not know.

Jul. 27th, 2011

Another jumper for a cute kid

I actually do alot of knitting, sewing and gardening that I forget to blog about.
Sometimes it is because I forgot to get a picture.
There was the blanket I knitted for Polly pussy cat. Apparently she really likes it.
Must ask Tim to take a pic for me some time.
Anyway here is a pic of the latest jumper for the cutest little boy on the planet.
It is knitted in Patons Inca and is so soft and warm.

Jul. 11th, 2011

Green Jumpers

Katy was telling me on the phone how cold it is in Tassie so it prompted me to get cracking with the jumpers. We ran into a delay with the Humpty Dumpty jumper for Hugh so we decided to knit some very quickly. We ordered some 12 ply machine washable from Bendigo Woollen Mills and it arrived last Monday. We knitted like mad and today (Monday) posted a jumper and matching beanie each. Anne added a little "pook" to the top of the beanies so they look like gum nuts. They look so cute.
Now we just have to wait and see if they fit.
Meanwhile I guess we can get back to the previous jumpers and finish them off.

Anne knitted Hugh's. The jumnper is fairly basic but with a cable up the front and one up each sleeve, just to stop it from being dead plain.

I knitted Katy's although Anne did a fair bit of the front while I sewed up Hugh's jumper. We agreed I would do the sewing because Anne hates doing it and has lots of things she has knitted but she has not sewn up. She also knitted the first half of Katy's beanie and I knitted the rest.
Katy's jumper has a band of moss stitch up the front to avoid the dead plain look and I have also put the square neckline that I have taken a fancy to because I do not like round or V necks on girls/ladies.

Jul. 5th, 2011

I am still doing those things

Anne and I went flat out knitting jumpers for the little grandchildren.
I used up a stack of beautiful crepe 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills and knitted a striped jumper for Katy and Anne worked a row of pansies across it.
Meanwhile she used up some of a stack of pale blue acrylic to make a Humpty Dumpty jumper for Hugh.
When she was busy sewing it up, I happened to measure the length from shoulder to the bottom of the basque. It was 65cms. Hugh is 3. I called his Mum and she measured his existing jumpers that fit him well. She said they range between 40 and 44 cms. The jolly thing was 21 cms too long.
Gees it would be long enough for a ball gown. Katy did suggest that he could use it for a dressing gown. Maybe we should have put buttons across the bottom and told him it was a sleeping bag!!
As a jumper, by the time he grew into it, he would not be seen dead in a Humpty Dumpty jumper.
Nothing for it but to frog it. We are leaving the sleeves. They are not TOOOO bad but I pulled the back undone to where the armholes should have started and Anne began reknitting it.
I will rework the picture for her and she will have to frog the front to halfway up its brickwall and do it again. At least she does not have to reknit it all.
But we were jack of those jumpers. The pansy one is finished except for the sewing in of ends and the sewing up and knitting of the neckband. Also I need to tizzy up the pansies a bit.
Meanwhile we decided to knit them some jumpers very quickly in 12 ply. We wanted to get machine washabale wool and found that it is very hard to find machine washable 12 ply so we ended up getting it from Bendigo.
The wool arrived yesterday morning and by the time we went to bed, Anne had knitted the back of Hugh's jumper (size 4 - his Mum says size 5 is much too big) and she had also done half a sleeve.
I had finished the back of Katy's jumper - size 8 with a few extra cms in the body.
Today we had to go to Cootamundra to pick up the Avalon which had been getting serviced etc. I had started the front this morning while Mavis and I were having our morning coffee after our morning walk. WHen we went to Coot, Anne continued it to give me a bit of a head start because the one I am knitting is larger than hers.
Se has since finished the sleeve of Hugh's that she was knitting and I have almost finished the front of Katy's. The thing is, when she finishes knitting Hugh's, I will sew it up while she continues knitting Katy's. We did not want them dead plain so Anne is running a cable up each sleeve and one up the front and I have run a band of moss stitch up the front of Katy's. It just takes the plain look away.
Well I better get back to it.

Mar. 14th, 2011

Laying grass

While I am at it I might as well blog about the back yard.
We are still in the rented house which has a long backyard. Half was grassed but the back half was just weeds. Every now and then we would spray it with round up and that would kill them off for a while but really the only way to get rid of the weeds is to grow grass so I have been gradually sewing bits of grass. I do about 4 or 5 square metres at a time. The grass is not very thick but it is having the desired effect of suppressing weeds. When it is established I can spray it with Kleen Lawn and that will fertilize the grass and kill lots of weeds. I will also throw a bit more seed around one of these days and that will help to thicken the grass. By the time we move out it should be respectable.
Anne thinks the backyard looks ike a game of tetris because of the rectangles of grass at different stages of growth.

Ballerina Bear

Last October when we were all at the family reunion in Canberra, Katy lost her Angelina Ballerina toy which was really a Tiger that apparently went with a Barbie Doll but she thought it was Angelina Ballerina whom she adores so no-one was inclined to disillusion her.
Anyway she was distressed to lose it so for her birthday I dressed a teddy bear in a ballerina outfit.
I found some hot pink tulle in my stash and there was plenty of pink satin left over from her pink and purple princess dress for the block ballet shoes.
Turned out quite cute. Here are some pictures.

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